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Summer Refreshments

July 25, 2008

We’ve had a hot spell here in NY for the past few days, and I’ve discovered my new favorite lunch to make it all better—Gazpacho! I’ve always loved the Spanish-inspired dish for special occasions, but I was so excited when I saw a small cup at Pret a Manger (the extremely convenient and super-quick lunch spot across the street from work). And – it’s only 100 calories! I’m absolutely loving it. Some other refreshing foods for summer:

  • dill pickles
  • flavored seltzer
  • sliced Jersey tomatoes
  • pears with cheese
  • beer/margaritas
  • sweet corn

What do you reach for on really hot days (other than ice cream, of course!)?


Love This Marketing Idea

April 30, 2008

If somebody sent me this, I’d pretty much be a customer for life. I’m easy, I know. Way to go, Swich.


Gearing Up for the Picnic Club

April 11, 2008

Yesterday was beautiful here in NYC—hit the 70s for the first time in forever. Thus, I got spring fever and consumed approximately a million calories to celebrate the warm weather. There goes the diet! But I came across two really cute picnic sets that got me extra excited for future picnic-ing this spring and summer. The Eco Picnic set (via Dose of Design) is all fully biodegradable/compostable, and the Steady Stick Table and Wine holders (via SwissMiss) are less eco-friendly, but more likely to keep your food and drink away from the ants. I can’t wait to picnic!


Happy Picnic-ing!

April 4, 2008


I just read about the NYC Picnic Club—it’s a group of people who want to promote picnic-ing and overall enjoyment of the NYC outdoors in the spring/summertime. I think this sounds like a fabulous idea. Although DBTH posted that they are a members-only club, the picnic group is actually all-inclusive. As mentioned in rule #1: If you show up to an event, you become a member. Nice. I’m gonna show up. I actually own a picnic basket, and I’m dying to buy some french baguettes, meat, cheeses, and fruit to fill it for a sunny Saturday afternoon. Picnic Club, here I come.

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Chipotle Drops the L-Bomb

December 14, 2007


As I’ve mentioned before, I work in the foodie-wasteland of Midtown East. Therefore, I frequent Chipotle… frequently. And today I learned that they love me back. When I ordered my lunch online (if you haven’t done this, you must! It totally avoids the ridiculously long line), my confirmation email said:


Thank you for placing an order with Chipotle!… blah blah blah



Umm… who is Joe? And why does he love me?

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Sick Day…

September 7, 2007


I had to call out sick from work today—sore throat, stuffy nose, and a general feeling of crappiness. But at about noon, I forced myself out of bed to get lunch and walked over to Piada for a panini and iced coffee. As I sat there, eating my freshly pressed mozzarella, prosciutto, red peppers, and arugula, and reading my current book, Kiss and Tango, I had one of those “I LOVE NY” moments. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m eating yummy food, and somehow it makes all my sickness melt away. Those moments are few and far between, but they erase all my pissed-off moments, like last night when I waited 15 minutes for the F train only to get on and find out it was running on the A line. Awesome.

PS, if you’re in the neighborhood tonight, Piada is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary with some free wine and food.