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Spring Sprung, and then Crawled Back in its Hole

March 29, 2010

Just to cheer myself up, I’m posting this picture I took on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights last week. The sunny, yellow flower buds brightened my day. And now, I’m stuck in rain coats, rain boots, and my turtleneck sweater dress all over again!


Needing an NYC Break, Big Time

March 1, 2010

This is what it looked like out my window in Brooklyn Heights on Friday. So very beautiful, but so very cold. I am itching to get out this city. Luckily, in about a month and a half I’ll be in sunny Key Largo, Florida. Wahoo. Then maybe I’ll see this out my window:

Any recommendations for restaurants in Key Largo? It may be a month away, but I need to daydream to get through March!