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I Love Herbs

February 29, 2008


And no… I’m not talking about weed. A while back I gave J an AeroGarden, a smallish contraption that lets you grow fresh herbs or spices on your countertop through the magic of hydroponics (there’s no soil; the roots grow in water alone). It’s almost totally self-sufficient (no need to water or change the soil) and it’s all automated so it’s very difficult to kill your budding plants (it’s even got it’s own light source to keep it alive and well). We started to grow things like oregano, parsley, basil, savory, mint, and garlic chives about a month ago, and now we have full size plants to pick from as we cook. It’s such a great way to try to make your meals more healthy without cutting out the flavor. Last night we made a version of THIS, and it was delicious and super quick.


Say Cheese!

February 28, 2008


This charcoal slate cheese board (via The Kitchn) is genius – no more poking at different cheeses and looking quizzically at your host… “Is this camembert?” I love it. It also remind me that I walked past one of my favorite LES tapas bars, Tapeo 29, and saw a sign that on Tuesdays you can taste a few different wines and try some Spanish cheeses… no idea if this is free, but they didn’t include a price on the sign. Must put on the Things-to-Do list.


I’m All Blogged Out

February 27, 2008


I’ve been really bored with blogs lately—writing mine and reading others. It used to be my favorite things to do. But now I need some new inspiration. Got any ideas? Blogs you love?

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Wines By the Glass

February 21, 2008


Last night J and I went for a celebration dinner to Craft—I had oysters and duck, perhaps my two favorite things in the world. And J ordered a glass of wine that he liked so much that he wrote it down. The wine was $18 a glass—so we thought, maybe we could afford a bottle of the wine (or even a case) when we feel like splurging. And we’re dying to find one wine that we both like enough to buy a case. The wine is: Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Pierre Usseglio, a blend of Grenache and Syrah from the Rhone Valley. So, $18 a glass. Guess how much a bottle is. Go ahead… Guess. It’s $170!!! This makes me feel 2 different things. 1. Yikes! So, I guess we won’t be buying this bottle of wine. And 2. Wow! What a great deal we got at Craft for only $18 a glass (never thought I’d be impressed by how cheap an $18 glass of wine is).

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Iron Chef… It’s All Fake

February 20, 2008


Surprised? Neither am I. Mostly, I really couldn’t believe that 2 different chefs could come up with 5 different plates in under an hour without ever hashing it out with their sous-chefs. Seriously, the show makes it seem like the components of the dish come out of thin air and the sous-chefs are master mind-readers. But now we have proof. Check out this article in the Village Voice all about the sham that is Iron Chef. As the writer says:

“Iron Chef America is more bogus than even I had imagined.”

I still think I love the show, but I have to say, reading the cold, hard truth takes some of the magic out of the spectacle 😦

(Photo by Staci Shwartz)


Wanna P-L-A-Y?

February 19, 2008


I’ve recently become obsessed with Scrabulous—though I haven’t won a game yet! Maybe some chocolate will help?


Even in Argentina…

February 15, 2008


Yep… no Starbucks in the country yet, but the orange shorts exist—right next to the Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s Bridge). So look left and you see Hooters, look right and you see this…