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My Relationship… Told Through Food

June 9, 2009

jannaSometimes I think about replaying mine and J’s relationship through food/restaurants. Like… a walk through all the restaurants and that have special memories from the last 3 years ( both the good and the bad).  Here’s what it would include:

Serafina – the scene of our first, very nervous and chatty date. J’s pick, obvs. 

Fatty Crab – the scene of our third date (the second was hitting golf balls at Chelsea Piers and was highly embarrassing on my end). My pick, obvs. It was also the place where I ordered a dish that was so spicy my face turned bright red and I had to consume coconut milk to calm down my taste buds… after I had just gone a spiel about how much I hate coconut. 

Perilla – where we celebrated our first year anniversary. But actually, more special, where we randomly popped in for dinner on a quiet Memorial Day weekend and had one of the best meals we’ve had as a couple. Plus, we love Top Chef. 

Hearth – where we celebrated our second anniversary. And again, one of the best meals we’ve had as a couple. We’re on a role! 

Porter House – We got a free meal here pretty early into our relationship (thanks to the perks of working at a magazine). It was pretty decadent — steaks, wine, and oysters. And the night ended with a free hotel stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotel… I wonder if he thought this would be indicative of the rest of our relationship? Maybe I tricked him!

Del PostoMy 25th birthday. Total extravagance. I even wore a flirty dress and heels. 

NinjaJ’s 26th birthday (so weird that this is the age I’m turning in a week), and the first birthday we spent together. I took him to Ninja, and he absolutely loved it! It’s where I learned that he’s a sucker for samurai swords and magic tricks. 

J… anything I’m forgetting? Weird that there aren’t any places on this list in the LES or in Brooklyn.


Things That Make Me Happy

March 3, 2008


I wish I was back here.

I’m having a bad day, or 2-days, or week… who knows. I’ve just felt… off, lately. So I’m going to make a list of things that make me happy:

  1. Negro Modelo and tacos.
  2. Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked ice cream… but mostly just the cookie dough part and not the brownie part.
  3. Rice Krispie treats hidden in my office desk drawer.
  4. Wednesday = bagel day at work.
  5. My boyfriend cooking for me and surprising me with a bottle of wine he got on his way home from work.
  6. Pizza and games with friends on a Sunday night.
  7. A hamburger, a root beer, and a Georgetown basketball game in OT with my dad and my brother.
  8. Cooking on my amazing grill pan with all my Turkish spices.
  9. Cold coke… the soda, not the drug.
  10. Cuddling up with J on his leather couch with my favorite blanket.
  11. Finishing a really good book.
  12. Fried eggs on a Sunday morning with bacon.
  13. My mom.
  14. The Biggest Loser.
  15. Thinking about taking my next trip.
  16. Random, warm days in the middle of winter.
  17. Finishing a project at work.
  18. Napping socks.
  19. Naps.

I got stuck at 19…


Welcome to My Blog

August 30, 2007

Let me start by saying—I am not a foodie. I can count on one hand the amount of lobsters I’ve eaten in my life, I’ve never had caviar, and my idea of good champagne is a nice bottle of Asti Spumante in a plastic cup. But nonetheless, I love to eat. And even more, I love to eat in New York—especially in my neighborhood, the lower east side. There’s no better place to find a chic, cheap, cozy restaurant or bar. So I’ve decided that I’m going to write about all my tasty escapades…