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Free Treats for Voting

October 30, 2008

Ben & Jerry’s is giving out free scoops on Election Day from 5pm-8pm.

And Krispy Kreme is giving out free star-shaped donuts as well! Yay… voting! I’m excited that it’s my first time voting in NY – I’m officially a resident now. Apparently there’s some sort of big level to pull, and all!

UPDATE: Starbucks is giving free coffe out too — just picked up my cup.

UPDATE AGAIN: Apparently there’s also free Sangria at Boqueria!


Hooray Beer! (in Brooklyn)

October 29, 2008

This NY Times article talks about how Sixpoint Craft Ales, which has been brewing an increasingly popular range of beers in a small brew house in Red Hook for four years, just bought a bottling line and a brewing system that will let it increase production tenfold — to about 60,000 barrels a year — and brew the first bottled beer in Brooklyn since the 1970s. I had a Sixpoint Ale at the Atlantic Ave street festival, and it was yummy. Very excited about more beer being made in Brooklyn — does that mean it will be less expensive to drink it??


I Need This Now

October 29, 2008

This would make my life so much easier — a food pyramid lunchbox (via SwissMiss).


Hearth & The 2-Year Celebration

October 20, 2008

Yep – J and I have officially been dating for 2 years. It feels like we’ve been together forever — but in the best kind of way. Like–What the hell was life like before him? So, to celebrate, we made reservations at the East Village spot, Hearth, and decided to sit at the “pass” so we could watch all the cooking action. Should I go backwards in our meal? The pic above is our dessert — so delicious and perfect for fall — two Apple Cider Doughnuts with Apple Compote and Maple Whipped Cream (the whipped cream was my favorite). I had sturgeon wrapped in prosciutto for my mail meal, the gnocchi you see below was given to us compliments of the chef, and for an appetizer I got the amazing grilled octopus salad. All in all, a great dinner and a great way to celebrate two years of laughing together!


Blog Action Day

October 15, 2008

I signed up for Blog Action Day – which I think is such an incredibly cool movement. The topic of this year’s Blog Action Day is poverty. So I’m just going to direct you to MY OTHER BLOG where I posted about how poverty affects mothers and children around the world!


Coffee Bean Giveaway

October 8, 2008

The lovely people behind The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  are celebrating their 45th anniversary this month and in honor of this milestone, they’re giving away $5 dollar gift cards! The card can be used to purchase any handcrafted beverage or retail item. If there isn’t a Coffee Bean in your area, use it online to purchase things like coffees, teas and Ice Blended kits! So… there’s not a Coffee Bean in my area – which I’m bummed about. But I’m giving away 3 $5 gift cards to YOU LUCK READERS anyways. So just leave a comment below before Wednesday, October 15 (9am EST),  and I’ll pick the winners. Announced next Wednesday. Good luck!

UPDATE: Gina, Lis, and Jessy — you were the only 3 to comment, so YOU WIN! Email me your mailing address and thanks again!


eBay Sale – AKA… Fall Cleaning

October 3, 2008

Hi everyone – this isn’t a food post (obviously), but just an FYI that I’m going to be selling a bunch of items on eBay over the next couple of weeks. I did some hardcore spring cleaning (except it’s fall) and I bit the bullet and decided to give up bags I’ve never used, shoes I’ve never worn, and clothes that STILL HAVE TAGS ON THEM! I’ve even giving up my favorite HOT PINK dancing shoes b/c I’m not cool enough to wear them anymore. I’m not an eBay selling pro yet, so I’m doing it a little at a time so I don’t make any mistakes. But feel free to check the site often to see what I’ve cleaned out of my closet. And to ask me any questions 🙂 I’ve got good stuff coming down the pike once I figure out how to ship it all! (Any tips are appreciated.)

To see all my stuff: click here.