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Grilled Cheese at the Brooklyn Flea

August 9, 2010


J and I went to the Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson in Fort Greene, looking for inspiration for our new home (we moved!). It’s very cool how you can see the bank features in the space, like the huge vault doors and high domed ceilings. Still, something about the space feels a bit off for the Flea. I preferred it under the Brooklyn Bridge.

While we were there, we decided to get some grilled cheese sandwiches from a vendor we’d never seen before, Milk Truck. J got the classic grilled cheese with tomato (boring), and I got the classic “with a twist” (made with Aged Wisconsin Gruyere, Champagne Pickled Onions & Whole Grain Mustard on Jewish Rye). Both were sub-par. We also got a chocolate-cherry milkshake which was terrible… we could barely get it up the straw because it was so thick. However, I wouldn’t write this place off. It seemed like the man behind the counter was frazzled beyond belief — we watched him make our “milkshake” and forget to add the milk. Thus, we had a blended cup of ice cream. Maybe it was just an off day? Have you had a better experience?


Bye-Bye Coney Island

September 8, 2008

Apparently Sunday was the last day for the classic Astroland at Coney Island. I’m really glad that J and I took the time to get there, ride the Cyclone (amazing!), and eat a Nathan’s on the boardwalk. Though, I must say–kinda gross.


More Latin Food on the LES

June 11, 2008

Just what we need. Apparently the space formerly known and loved by many as Dash Dogs is becoming a burrito spot—so says an Eater tipster. So we’ve got empanadas and burritos on the same street. Nice.

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Dinner and a Movie at the Beach

June 3, 2008

It’s great when 3 different things I love coincide to form the perfect summer evening: food, film, and sand. This year, the Second Annual NYC Food Film Festival will be held at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, Queens from Saturday June 14th to Friday June 20th. At the festival, you’ll get to watch a film that’s all about food, and then sample the food portrayed—like Berlin’s beloved Currywurst after watching Best of the Wurst. Admission is free, but food and drink cost money. There’s a schedule of the movies, and a listing of all the food that will be served. I’ve still never been to the Water Taxi Beach, so I’m very excited about going to this!


A Sunday at the Flea

May 21, 2008

I’ve been dying to go to the Brooklyn Flea since it opened, but it’s pretty much rained every Sunday for the past few weeks (or I’ve been away for a wedding). This Sunday’s forecast? Sunny and in the 70s. And, after seeing this article about the Flea in the NY Times, I’m even more amped to go. Mostly, I’m dying to check out the Whimsy & Spice goodies that I read about all the time on Sweet, Fine, Day. Everything they make looks so darn delicious! There’s also news that the Red Hook vendors are setting up satellite stands at the Flea—and let’s face it, if I didn’t make it out to Red Hook last year, what are the chances this year? I’m not so into the artsy, crafty stuff that will probably be there, but I can use it to convince others to come with me. I think Dachsies wants to go; and I can probably get Johnny in. Who wants to join?


Get Ready for Finger-Licking BBQ

May 13, 2008

The Big Apple BBQ is officially taking over Madison Square Park again on June 7th and 8th (found on Grub Street). The NY notables that will be grilling it up: Hill Country, Blue Smoke, Dinosaur, and Rack & Soul. This is very exciting news since I’m craving BBQ and was turned away at Georgia’s Eastside BBQ last night because they were re-doing their floors… Blast! FYI: get to the Big Apple BBQ EARLY… the food goes fast and the crowd is ginormous!


Dine and Dash: Empanadas

September 20, 2007


I have walked past Rivington Bar almost every day for the past 2 years—it is a complete enigma to me. It is one of the most puzzling venues I’ve ever come across in NYC. It’s a bar, yet… it’s never open. Seriously, I’ve walked past at 10pm on a Wednesday night more than once, and the place is completely shutdown and locked up. I think that the dudes who own it just randomly decide to open—like, “The game’s on tonight and we’re all gonna watch it anyways, we might as well open the bar.” And several times I’ve passed it to watch a riveting game of Nintendo/PS2/X-Box/Game-ish device. I even ventured inside once, and I was met with the abrasive din of trip-hop. It’s a teeny bar. There’s no room for trip-hop. Anyways… if I think too hard about this place, my brain starts to hurt. But, there’s an added weird-factor to the bar now. Apparently, as of tonight, they are serving empanadas at a walk-up window. They said that they’ll be open every night, 7 days a week, from 5pm ’til 4am. Yeah… I’ll believe that when I see it. But why empanadas, Rivington Bar? Why? Do you just enjoy screwing with my mind? Why do you think that trip-hop, strange Euro-style, and empanadas mix? Ahhh…. too much to handle.

UPDATE: Per Nick’s comment, the empanada confusion has been solved. Rivington Bar is no longer… hallelujah! It’s now run by the ex-General Manager of Cielo, and it’s been renamed Label—for more info check here. I’m going to try to check it out for myself soon.