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Gotta Love a Man Who Cooks

July 23, 2008

Thankfully, J does. But apparently there’s a new trend of… wait for it… “Gastrosexuals.” I saw the post on Grub Street, and they’re quoting a Daily Mail article that says, “it’s a term for a new breed of man that, seemingly inspired by macho celebrity cooks like Gordon Ramsay, have taken to the kitchen to impress the ladies. According to a study, 23 percent of 18-to-34-year-old British men say they cook to potentially seduce a partner, and 60 percent regularly cook for friends and family.” I’m not incredibly shocked by this stat, but I am shocked that we’ve morphed Metrosexual into the food realm and created a new word to torment men with. Good work Britain.

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Coming Soon: Top Chef Junior

June 11, 2008

No joke. The teenage (ages 13-16) version of Top Chef coming to Bravo… read about it here.


LES News Bites

May 20, 2008
  • Committee Board 3 rejected Ludlow Street’s Darkroom for a liquor license renewal. They cited several infractions including noise complaints a few counts of selling booze to minors.  — Eater
  • There’s news of a potential Italian spot on B and 3rd from a very prestigious wine-shop owner. — Eater
  • The team behind Stanton Social are planning on opening a “tapas-style steakhouse” at 146 Essex in what is now a furniture shop. — Eater
  • Two new Japanese restaurants coming to the hood with liquor licenses: a noodle shop called Souen (6th between A and B) and robata-style cooking joint aptly named Robataya (9th between 2nd and 3rd). — Eater

Dinner with Barack

March 25, 2008


Make a donation  to Obama’s campaign in any amount between now and 11:59pm EST Monday, March 31, and you could join him and three other supporters for an intimate dinner.  If you win, please plan better interview questions than Tyra Banks.

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Pizza Going Up in Price

March 7, 2008


According to the NY Times, the cost of pizza is going up thanks to the price of wheat hitting a record high in the US.  At the Ray’s Pizza on East Houston, the price of a slice went from $2 to $2.35 in January, and the owner says it will go up to $2.55 in the next few weeks. This is bad, scary news for us New Yorkers. Cheap pizza is one of NY’s staples. But I guess we should’ve expected it—apparently there is the Pizza Connection, a link thats shows how the cost of a slice increases in direct proportion to MTA subway fare hikes. Damn you MTA!


Frank Bruni, You Just Pissed Me Off

October 1, 2007


I’m angry. And cranky. And it’s all Frank Bruni’s fault. He’s supposed to be the cranky one, not me! I just read this article from yesterday’s NY Times, where Bruni lambasted the latest announcement that restaurants with sidewalk cafes could install portable natural-gas heaters. He titled this article, “Curbside, We’ll Never Have Paris,” and wrote:

“…New Yorkers, and I specifically mean the New Yorkers who, from the first rumor of spring to the dying gasps of an Indian summer, insist on restaurants with sidewalk cafes, apparently believing that nothing sauces roasted chicken like the exhaust from an M104 bus and there’s no music more relaxing than the eek-eek-eek of a delivery truck in reverse.

On the narrow and sometimes cobbled byways of Paris, Rome or Barcelona, a sidewalk cafe most likely has a view, a mood, a purpose beyond fresh air. (To be fair, it isn’t so fresh there, either.)

On Broadway, Columbus or Lexington, a sidewalk cafe has traffic — pedestrian and vehicular — so dense and close that a diner has to learn not to flinch. Wine helps. For me just three and a half glasses do the trick.”

First of all, I’ve eaten in Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, and their sidewalk cafes are often just as noisy, crowded, and congested as New York. Maybe this is because I can’t afford the meals that Mr. Uppity Bruni eats, but regardless, it is silly to assume those cities have better atmosphere. It is the same. It all depends on where you go to eat. Second, I love eating on the NYC sidewalks. The noisier the better. The more ridiculous people there are to gawk at, the better. And I am excited about the chance to extend these outdoor dinners for another month. Again, Mr. Bruni, not everyone has the full-time job of traveling the world and eating at fancy restaurants. I, on the other hand, sit at a desk… all day. And I can’t afford most restaurants that have the “relaxing back-garden” that you so highly regard. So I revel in my sidewalk cafes where there is fresh air (or at least fresher than my stale office building), and lots of NYC noise to entertain me. So what do I think of the idea of snuggling up with a warm sweatshirt, a glass of super-cheap wine, and a little portable heater in the crisp October-air? Sigh. Nothing sounds better.

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Redneck Is the New Black

September 12, 2007


Time Out NY just published this article about all the new food and restaurant trends. And I think, mostly, they’re right on the money: Sam Mason is very NOW, and I gotta agree that the restaurant aesthetic du jour is “Redneck.” Also, I was just saying to my friend (who was ragging on Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality pretty hard) that BBQ restaurants are popping up all over town. I was lucky enough to hit up a press event at Hill Country—the Texas BBQ was yummy and the Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcakes were giant and phenomenal. And then there’s Georgia’s Eastside BBQ on the LES and Johnny Utah’s in Midtown. But here’s something that made me kinda warm inside—apparently “Bel Del” (which I think means Below Delancey) is a really hot restaurant district. But please… people… can we stop abbreviating and nicknaming every 2 blocks of Manhattan? And can anyone explain to me where in the hell BoCoCa and LIC are???

“SO OVER BoCoCa Smith Street? Please.
SO NOW The hotness of Bel Del and those other ambiguously defined Bowery neighborhoods suggests that downtown is still riding high.
SO SOON If it’s true that Milk & Honey’s Sasha Petraske is opening a bar in LIC, the perpetually arriving ’hood may actually, finally get here.”