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Iron Chef… It’s All Fake

February 20, 2008


Surprised? Neither am I. Mostly, I really couldn’t believe that 2 different chefs could come up with 5 different plates in under an hour without ever hashing it out with their sous-chefs. Seriously, the show makes it seem like the components of the dish come out of thin air and the sous-chefs are master mind-readers. But now we have proof. Check out this article in the Village Voice all about the sham that is Iron Chef. As the writer says:

“Iron Chef America is more bogus than even I had imagined.”

I still think I love the show, but I have to say, reading the cold, hard truth takes some of the magic out of the spectacle 😦

(Photo by Staci Shwartz)


Iron Chef Holiday Special

November 28, 2007


I have a bit of a shameful confession: I think I fell in love with Paula Deen. Normally, I find her high-pitch squeals annoying, her southern accent unbearable, and the food she makes disgusting, but she stole my heart on the All-Star Holiday Dessert Battle. I watched that entire episode thinking… man, she’s kinda funny. I even forced J to watch a little bit of it last night on DVR.

If you missed it, the show pitted Food Network stars Cat Cora and Paula Deen against Tyler Florence and Robert Irvine. And the special ingredient was SUGAR! Cora and Deen took a really whimsical approach to their dishes, putting cookies in a faux-mailbox for Santa and making a Candy Cane cocktail. Only when it comes to Christmas does this sugary-sweet approach to food really get to me, I swear! Florence sort of dropped the ball in an unsuccessful attempt at making a Buche de Noel in under 60 minutes. But, there was an amazingly awesome moment when Paula chomped down on Robert’s index finger and wouldn’t let go. When she finally did, she yelled, “Watch out! I’m a snapping turtle.” And I died of laughter. And I’m mildly ashamed at the cheesiness of it all. But YumSugar did a poll, and most people agreed that the episode was fantastic! So at least I’m not alone.

And oh yeah—Tiny Fey was a judge, so at least that increases the cool factor.