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Chipotle Drops the L-Bomb

December 14, 2007


As I’ve mentioned before, I work in the foodie-wasteland of Midtown East. Therefore, I frequent Chipotle… frequently. And today I learned that they love me back. When I ordered my lunch online (if you haven’t done this, you must! It totally avoids the ridiculously long line), my confirmation email said:


Thank you for placing an order with Chipotle!… blah blah blah



Umm… who is Joe? And why does he love me?

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Lunch for Under $3

August 31, 2007


Lunch in Midtown is a nightmare—100 different versions of “Create Your Own Salad” get old real quick. And all the fast-food chains like Chipotle and Cosi have lines down the block. So I thought I’d try the semi-recently opened $.99 Fresh Pizza that I read about on Midtown Lunch. Supposedly, it’s decent pizza and you can get two slices and a soda for $2.75 ($2.98 with tax). I’d definitely say “decent” is a good description—the pizza is super doughy, which makes sense since they’re scrimping on the price. And it took 15 minutes to get my lunch—I think Chipotle might actually be faster! The worst part was the horrid smell inside the restaurant/small-box-of-a-pizza-place. If I wasn’t so starving by the time I got my slices, I would’ve thrown them out just because of the stench. But I have to say—lunch for under $3 is pretty impressive. And if I didn’t test it out, I never would’ve found the Blue Pig Homemade Ice Cream store next door… score!