My Latest Obsession

April 10, 2008

A friend and co-worker turned me on to her latest weight-loss obsession, Daily Plate. It’s a site where you can input all the food you eat each day and your exercise, and it’ll tell you exactly how many calories you can have to lose weight. I’m not really, exactly trying to lose weight. OK… maybe like a pound or two. But I’ve never been much of a dieter and I have no idea how to count calories. Yet I find it oddly satisfying to put in my Reese’s Mini Peanutbutter Cup, and see that it’s only 42 calories. Nice. And mostly, I just want to know that I’m not eating disgusting amounts of calories. I think this obsession’s life-line is a week at most, but, for now, I’m totally into it and I’m gonna try to shed some poundage for the summer.

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