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Reese’s Peanut Butter CAKE

May 21, 2009

resses cake

Delicious! Cake found via A Cup of Jo.


Restaurant Etiquette

May 18, 2009

Last night, J and I hopped into Spice (an old-NYU favorite) after we saw Star Trek (amazing). We were completely eavesdropping on the family next to us — a son and his parents. When the waitress came to pick up their plates, she very innocently asked, “How was everything?” The father (seriously) looked at her and said, “Not very good, actually.” And went on and on to tell her that the teriyakki was too sweet, the lettuce was limp, etc. I was mortified for his poor son. But it got me thinking — here’s my philosophy about eating out in NYC.

Dear Unsatisfied Father,
Welcome to NYC. There are maybe a million restaurants in our beloved city, and something at every price point. I am very sorry that you didn’t like your dinner, but you chose to walk into Spice. You chose to order something off their menu. And then you chose to EAT THE ENTIRE PLATE OF FOOD. Maybe you were unhappy with the meal (although you didn’t really show it on your plate), but that is simply the gamble you take when eating out in NYC. You didn’t like your food; so don’t go back. But please keep your opinions to yourself, and better luck next time.

I was especially annoyed because the waitress gave them 15% off their bill. J and I both felt like we should get 20% off for not complaining!! But then, we’d have to complain to achieve that. It’s one thing if you find a rock in your food (it’s happened to me), or a fish hook in your food (it’s happened to me), but if you simply don’t like the flavor… deal with it.


Brooklyn Cupcake Cook-Off

May 13, 2009

cupcakeJo the MasterBaker and her sister entered this year’s 3rd Annual Cupcake Cook-Off, and I happily tagged along. (Jo is recently unemployed which means the level of baking has gone through the roof.) Jo made yummy cookie-dough cupcakes that she loving titled, “Where’s the Dough?!” and her sister made pretty amazing oreo “Milk and Cookies” cupcakes. I found a recipe that seems to look a lot like her final product — it had an inside chocolate cup that she filled with milk to dunk to oreos. The winner of the “popular vote” (which was really a completely bought-win, but acceptable b/c the money went to charity) was the Elvis Cupcake — I tasted it and it was pretty darn good. So combo of peanut butter and bananas, but… and I’m not totally sure about this b/c I ate too many to remember… if I’m right there was SoCo and lime somehow involved in the recipe. Sugar comma has erased my memory. I can’t believe how many cupcakes I consumed. It was basically a no-fee cupcake free-for-all. Check it out next year, and go hungry!

photo via


My Blog Got High

May 12, 2009

So, in case you’ve noticed, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I’ve posted sporadically at best — I blame a new job and a long winter. But, I glanced at my blog stats today and noticed that I had a random spike. On April 14, 2009, I had 396 views to my blog. That is just slightly more (or a whole lot more) than my daily average. And the post that seemed to draw the attention? It’s this one. But I have NO referrers or linkbacks to that post. Mysterious. So so so curious about this strange, random influx!

PS. It’s summer now, so hopefully I’ll be more inspired to blog!


Cookie Monster on NPR

May 12, 2009

Sometimes people called J “Cookie Monster.” So, this clip of the Cookie Monster on NPR made me smile this morning. via SwissMiss