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Brooklyn Fare

August 27, 2009


The new Brooklyn Fare isn’t too far from the new digs in Brooklyn Heights, and I’ve been looking forward to checking it out for a while now. And even better — they’ve got these really silly coffee cups that made me laugh.


Off to Berlin… Auf Wiedersehen

August 17, 2009

german food

J and I are (rather spontaneously) taking a trip to Berlin/Prague the first week of September. I have to attend a conference in Berlin, and then J is coming to meet me for a week afterwards. We’ve already booked 2 nights at this really cool, brand-new budget hotel, Michelberger hotel, and I think we’ll play the rest by ear. We’re hoping to do a train out to Prague for at least 2 full days and 1 night, but more if we really love it. So any suggestions on Berlin and/or Prague? Places to stay, things to eat, drinks to drink, stuff to see… ??

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Open Shop on Ebay

August 4, 2009

I moved last weekend, and during the move I found a few items that I decided to part with via ebay. I’ve got a few COACH items, and some shoes/clothes that I’ve either never worn or only worn a few times. Please check it out! (More will go up this weekend.)


This Marc Jacobs bag is for sale (sorry, the photo got wonky in translation, but the ebay image is better quality). My mom bought this bag for me ages ago, maybe even when I was still in college, thinking it’d be a cute to-school-and-back bag for my laptop. But my laptop didn’t fit and I never wanted to get rid of such a cute bag, until now. If I haven’t used it in 4 years, I probably won’t start now!