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Weekend in San Diego

February 5, 2010

Last weekend, I took a long, long flight out to San Diego to visit one of my very best friends in the world. We had a lovely time walking on the beach, sea kayaking in freezing water, listening to sea lions barking, eating, drinking beer, looking at animals at the San Diego Zoo, and… oh yeah, getting food poisoning. Here are some of the food highlights (basically what didn’t make me sick), and lowlights (… obvs, the culprit).

Alesmith Brewery (Miramar Road): We went here for a beer tasting where each flavor was $1. It was super fun to try such unique beers, and apparently San Diego is one of the best beer towns in the US. I had no idea. I particularly liked the Speedway Stout.

South Beach Bar and Grill (Ocean Beach): Dinner the first night after the 6-hour flight… oysters, beer, and fish tacos really hit the spot!

Brockton Villa Restaurant (La Jolla Cove): Brunch Sunday morning with my two best friends — not the greatest meal ever (though, to be fair, I ate an egg-white omelette because my stomach was still recovering), but it was a beautiful view of the La Jolla Cove. And we got to see sea lions and seals on our walk from the restaurant.

Tacos el Gordo: I hate calling this a lowlight because the Adobada tacos were DELICIOUS. It’s basically the Mexican version of a pork shawarma.  But I can’t forgive the full 24 hours of getting sick that followed for both my friend and I. Epic fail.

One full day of sitting on a couch, curled in a ball, sick, watching crappy tv aside, check out the fun we had:


Go Brew Yourself!

November 25, 2009

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while — some good friends of mine started this amazing homebrewing company called Brooklyn Brew Shop. They have these fantastic kits that you can buy and then make homemade beer in yummy flavors like Gingerbread Ale and Chocolate Maple Porter. Watch them give a demo on Daily Candy, and then buy a kit! All summer they set up shop at the Brooklyn Flea, and now they’ll be selling at Brooklyn Flea’s Gifted holiday market, November 27-December 24, 20 East 4th Street, at Lafayette Street. They’re giving away samples… beer samples!


Hooray Beer! (in Brooklyn)

October 29, 2008

This NY Times article talks about how Sixpoint Craft Ales, which has been brewing an increasingly popular range of beers in a small brew house in Red Hook for four years, just bought a bottling line and a brewing system that will let it increase production tenfold — to about 60,000 barrels a year — and brew the first bottled beer in Brooklyn since the 1970s. I had a Sixpoint Ale at the Atlantic Ave street festival, and it was yummy. Very excited about more beer being made in Brooklyn — does that mean it will be less expensive to drink it??


Nice Rack

November 30, 2007


How funny is this? Some genius took the concept of a CamelBak (the contraption that you fill with water and strap to your backpack when you go hiking) and transformed it into a hysterical way to sneak alcohol into venues. This could be very useful in NYC in the summer when everything fun is outdoors, yet you can’t drink anywhere. For men, there’s The Beer Belly, and even funnier, for women, is the WineRack. I don’t think I’d have the guts to strap a canister of wine to my chest, but I still think it’s amazingly funny. What do you think?


I’m Broke Because of Beer

November 1, 2007


I saw this thing called the Drink-O-Meter on Imbible, and decided to play along. According to my results, I’ve consumed 2254.98 drinks (but this has to be way off b/c it somehow calculated that at 24 I have 7-years of legal drinking… it must be European site) and spent a whopping $9019.92. Yikes. Scary… but I believe it in this city. However, I was sort of disappointed because they rated me “Chelsea Clinton” status, which I completely don’t understand?? What does she have to do with drinking? More fun facts: the amount of drinks I’ve consumed could fill 6.59 bath tubs, and could purchase .05 Ferraris. So strange. What did you score?

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Hooray Beer!

October 4, 2007


I finally ate at Spitzer’s Corner last night. The overall atmosphere was actually rather lovely. Having walked by the restaurant a few times, I was expecting too many hipsters in one small space drinking overpriced beer. But, I was wrong. The “small space” is actually pretty big—there’s two different rooms with two different bars and a plethora of bathrooms downstairs (hallelujah!). And the “overpriced beer” wasn’t that overpriced—$6 or $7 for a pint isn’t bad. The hipsters… well, we can’t help that.

The place is termed a “gastropub”—that basically means pub with good food. And it delivers. I wish I brought a pen and paper because I LOVED the beer that we drank. It was a wheat beer (it started with a “U”) and it tasted incredibly light with a hint of apple-cider. So delicious for a fall night—and only one of the 30+ beers they have on tap. Other yummy things: the oysters, tomato “small plate”, and the burger (and the fries were extra yummy). The grilled cheese was interesting, but a little bland. And the flavor on the pork belly popcorn was really strong and warm at first, but it was overpowering by the time we reached the end of the bowl. The biggest disappointment is that the PBLT (Pork Belly BLT) that I read about on RestaurantGirl was nowhere to be seen. Did they take it off the menu? Such a bummer. But overall—really nice atmosphere for a quiet Thursday night dinner. Get there fast because this place is owned by the same people as Fat Baby… so, in about a month it’ll be in the shitter.

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Beer Fest on Saturday

September 12, 2007


On Saturday (9/15), Counter, the organic wine and beer bar/restaurant in the East Village, is hosting NYC’s first Organic Beer Bash. It’s from 12pm-4pm, and you can sample 35 organic beers and hard ciders from around the world. Finger foods made with beer will include Peak nutbrown beer battered corn fritters, Wolaver’s chocolate stout cake, and Pinkus pilsner panisse. AKA… bring on the beer belly! The cost of the event is $25. I know, a bit pricey. But, the profits will be donated to Farm Aid, a non-profit group devoted to saving family farms and League of Humane Voters of New York City. So at least you can feel good about yourself while you get drunk.