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TGI Fridays is a Scam

March 31, 2008


J and I went to TGI Fridays last night in NYC. Being both Jersey-bred, we have a special place in our hearts for some of these chain restaurant staples… plus, there was a $50 gift card up for use. So, we went… we got one appetizer, each got an entree (mine was a salad and J got the Jack Burger), and a margarita each. Total bill: $80. How absurd is this? J was trying to convince me that it’s cheaper in NJ, but I can’t remember. So, if you happen upon this post from somewhere outside NYC, will you please tell me how much a Tostada Salad ($18) or the Jack Burger ($18) is in your city? We went to a fancy-ish dinner in the Lower East Side on Friday night to one of our favorite places, got an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a half-carafe of sangria and our bill was still significantly less.


A NY Top Chef Tour

March 27, 2008


As Eater pointed out today, all 7 NY chefs are still on Top Chef. So, I’m considering making the rounds of their previously-worked-at restaurants just for the hell of it. Here’s what the loop would look like:

  • Andrew: Unfortunately, I’ve got to immediately count him out as he’s listed as “sous-chef in NYC” without any restaurant affiliation. Bummer.
  • Nikki: 24 Prince; American Traditional food; Nolita; $$
  • Spike: Mai House; Vietnamese food, Tribeca, $$-$$$
  • Manuel: Dos Caminos; Mexican food; SoHo, Midtown East, or Gramercy; $$-$$$
  • Dale: Buddakan; Asian: Southeast Chinese food; Chelsea; $$$
  • Lisa and Mark: Public (I’m combing them here b/c I don’t think Lisa works anywhere now, and she did previously work at Public); American Traditional food; Nolita $$-$$$… I’m putting this last b/c technically, I’ve sorta eaten here already

Who’s up for a little Top Chef tour? And… how do you think having the cheftestants on the show affects these restaurants’ business?


Ready for a Three Way?

March 26, 2008


I’ve tried to order late-night from Insomnia Cookies before (yes… there are some times at 11pm that you just desperately need cookies and can’t even fathom walking to the corner deli). But, neither J nor I live within their delivery zone—from Broome St. to 14th St, and Ave. A to Washington Ave. But, according to Grub Street, they’ve opened a daytime restaurant on 8th St near MacDougal (obviously trying to capitalize on NYU dollars). And now I can try the glorious cookie pictured above aptly titled the “ménage à trois.”


Dinner with Barack

March 25, 2008


Make a donation  to Obama’s campaign in any amount between now and 11:59pm EST Monday, March 31, and you could join him and three other supporters for an intimate dinner.  If you win, please plan better interview questions than Tyra Banks.

(link thanks to SwissMiss)


What to Do with Leftover Peeps

March 24, 2008


I’m sorry, but how genius is this? It’s a Peeps S’more! Amazing. I want one right now. Check out Cakespy for their list of 5 things to with leftover Easter candy.


Cheftestant Strikes Back

March 24, 2008


A nice little Q&A with recent Top Chef reject, Valerie. Some insight into why she got the ax… and the truth about Andrew’s ADD.


Flying Decanters

March 19, 2008


Very beautiful new wine decanters from Riedel—the collection, including the Swan, Paloma, and Flamingo, are all inspired from the shape and form of birds (link via Cool Hunting). Each decanter (somewhat magically) holds one bottle of wine.