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Groundhog Day Treats

February 2, 2010

Saw this and loved it. If you have kids, please go make these immediately (via Junior Society).


Brooklyn Cupcake Cook-Off

May 13, 2009

cupcakeJo the MasterBaker and her sister entered this year’s 3rd Annual Cupcake Cook-Off, and I happily tagged along. (Jo is recently unemployed which means the level of baking has gone through the roof.) Jo made yummy cookie-dough cupcakes that she loving titled, “Where’s the Dough?!” and her sister made pretty amazing oreo “Milk and Cookies” cupcakes. I found a recipe that seems to look a lot like her final product — it had an inside chocolate cup that she filled with milk to dunk to oreos. The winner of the “popular vote” (which was really a completely bought-win, but acceptable b/c the money went to charity) was the Elvis Cupcake — I tasted it and it was pretty darn good. So combo of peanut butter and bananas, but… and I’m not totally sure about this b/c I ate too many to remember… if I’m right there was SoCo and lime somehow involved in the recipe. Sugar comma has erased my memory. I can’t believe how many cupcakes I consumed. It was basically a no-fee cupcake free-for-all. Check it out next year, and go hungry!

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Cake Pan-apalooza

April 3, 2008


I know a thing or two about clever, creative cake pans—they’re all the rage at the office. But I do like this Wilton Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pan that I spotted on Coveiter. Would be cute and funny to serve them with a scoop of ice cream in a cupcake/muffin wrapper on the side.


Giant Cupcake Cakes

March 14, 2008


OK… Giant is an exaggeration, but they are pretty big. They’re also absolutely beautifully crafted. I can’t believe someone has the skills to create a cake with so much detail. We got a sample of these sent to the office the other day—the chocolate cake inside is a little too rich for me, and the price tag of $90 is definitely too rich for me, but I’m still happy to admire the beauty.


Ponder This While I’m Away…

December 5, 2007


Who would you root for: Cupcake vs. Muffin?

Illustration by Jesse Moore of Cakespy. (via Serious Eats)