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The Big Bagel Debate

June 6, 2008

I really got a kick out of this post on Grub Street—a reader complained (pretty vehemently) about customers who ask their bagel vendors to “scoop” out the inside dough, thus holding up the others on line. First thing—I eat bread and I eat dough… never have I asked someone to scoop out the insides. I don’t enjoy bread for the crust. It’s the dough that holds the magic. But I have a good friend who just recently suggested I cut calories by asking the people at Subway to “scoop” my bread. No, I will not partake in such nonsense. But the comments on the Grub Street post amused me, and this quote really hit home:

As for having to wait in line, well come on, this is NY. We want our bagels the way we want them, and getting them that way and not out of a freezer bag is what make us NYers.

Agreed. When J and I went to Denver in December, we went to a bagel store where I asked the cashier for a bagel, “lightly toasted,” with cream cheese. She scoffed at me and said, “Huh… yeah, we’ll make sure to lightly toast it.” Oh, the anger. So I understand—I too want my bagel the way I want it—and that is what makes NY great. Therefore… scoop away my calorie-cutting friends.

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Tell ‘Em Sister

May 14, 2008

Considering J just made fun of me for the fact that I hung a Rosie the Riveter poster in my college dorm room, I thought this magnet was hysterical and appropriate (via Kitchn). Only $5 on Etsy!


Pretty Bacon Baskets

March 10, 2008


Friend and birthday girl, Dacshiesanddesign, sent me this link—it’s a BLT in a bacon basket! Looks pretty easy to make—you just weave the bacon strips on the underside of a muffin pan (see below). I was thinking this weekend, while making turkey bacon for breakfast, that it’d be good to make the baskets and then put some scrambled eggs in the middle. Might get messy, though. Must test this weekend. Click here for instructions.


Ponder This While I’m Away…

December 5, 2007


Who would you root for: Cupcake vs. Muffin?

Illustration by Jesse Moore of Cakespy. (via Serious Eats)


What Do You Eat for Breakfast?

September 25, 2007

I love this photo compilation that J sent me—the photographer is Jon Huck and he took pics of people and the breakfasts they eat. Mine would be sad: Heart to Heart cereal and horrible, office, instant coffee. But at least it’s not beans!

That’s not breakfast!



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