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California Strawberry Mint Sangria

July 7, 2008

Had the pleasure of eating some California Strawberries and some fun recipes prepared by Top Chef contestant CJ (the really tall one). I didn’t try this yet, but doesn’t this sangria recipe sound so yummy and refreshing??


  • 1 pint Strawberries
  • 1 cup Mint Leaves
  • 1 bottle Chardonnay
  • 3 tbsp. Sugar
  • 1 cup Water
  • Squeeze of Lime Juice
  • Mint Sprigs and Sliced Strawberries for garnish

To read how to prepare, Read the rest of this entry ?


Top Chef Finale

June 12, 2008



Coming Soon: Top Chef Junior

June 11, 2008

No joke. The teenage (ages 13-16) version of Top Chef coming to Bravo… read about it here.


My Dear Antonia

June 6, 2008

I’m onboard with most people in that I really like Richard and Stephanie from Top Chef. But this interview made me love Antonia just a little bit more. It’s something about her—the way she talks and acts—it’s her food that I want to eat most.

UPDATE: To add more fuel to the I-Hate-Lisa fire, check out this quote from the Daily News: “Oh, no, I don’t read the blogs — you couldn’t pay me to read the blogs. I don’t want to know what people who can’t even afford to eat in my restaurant, let alone know how to cook, have to say about me.” – Lisa


A NY Top Chef Tour

March 27, 2008


As Eater pointed out today, all 7 NY chefs are still on Top Chef. So, I’m considering making the rounds of their previously-worked-at restaurants just for the hell of it. Here’s what the loop would look like:

  • Andrew: Unfortunately, I’ve got to immediately count him out as he’s listed as “sous-chef in NYC” without any restaurant affiliation. Bummer.
  • Nikki: 24 Prince; American Traditional food; Nolita; $$
  • Spike: Mai House; Vietnamese food, Tribeca, $$-$$$
  • Manuel: Dos Caminos; Mexican food; SoHo, Midtown East, or Gramercy; $$-$$$
  • Dale: Buddakan; Asian: Southeast Chinese food; Chelsea; $$$
  • Lisa and Mark: Public (I’m combing them here b/c I don’t think Lisa works anywhere now, and she did previously work at Public); American Traditional food; Nolita $$-$$$… I’m putting this last b/c technically, I’ve sorta eaten here already

Who’s up for a little Top Chef tour? And… how do you think having the cheftestants on the show affects these restaurants’ business?


Cheftestant Strikes Back

March 24, 2008


A nice little Q&A with recent Top Chef reject, Valerie. Some insight into why she got the ax… and the truth about Andrew’s ADD.


Top Chef is Back

March 13, 2008


Season premier last night—what did you think? It was good… I love when Bourdain is a judge. He spices things up a bit. And I kinda love Rocco as well, somewhat against my will. It’s hard to tell at this point who is talented and who is not, but I definitely think the chick they sent packing deserved it. Not only did she seem to make yucky food, her whole, “I’m not here to make friends” speech sounded a little too America’s Next Top Model-ish. Maybe she should go on that show next? If you want to read more about the episode, every single food blog is writing about it: