Sick Day…

September 7, 2007


I had to call out sick from work today—sore throat, stuffy nose, and a general feeling of crappiness. But at about noon, I forced myself out of bed to get lunch and walked over to Piada for a panini and iced coffee. As I sat there, eating my freshly pressed mozzarella, prosciutto, red peppers, and arugula, and reading my current book, Kiss and Tango, I had one of those “I LOVE NY” moments. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m eating yummy food, and somehow it makes all my sickness melt away. Those moments are few and far between, but they erase all my pissed-off moments, like last night when I waited 15 minutes for the F train only to get on and find out it was running on the A line. Awesome.

PS, if you’re in the neighborhood tonight, Piada is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary with some free wine and food.


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