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Amazing Giveaways

December 3, 2007


There are 2 insanely incredible FREE giveaways going on this week, just in time for the holidays. First, of course, over at GoodyBlog we’re have a giant Blog Party and giving away everything from kids’ toys and clothes to new Play Station systems. But, the image above is the one I really wish I could win: a box full of goodies from Williams-Sonoma. I organized this one, so I’ve seen the products first-hand and everything is so beautiful and fun. I beg you to enter since I’m not allowed 😦 There’s also a fabulous one from Gourmet Garden, where you can win their entire line of spices plus an 8-piece stainless steel cookware set. Merry Christmas to you!


Next is this awesome giveaway from YumSugar and Hostess with the Mostess. I can’t even begin to list all the amazing kitchen goods that they’re giving away b/c there are just too many, but let me just say that it’s worth more than $7,900 in prizes. Wowzer! You have to login and take a quiz to enter (which I scored 100% on, thank you very much), but it’s definitely worth it! So start entering and let me know if there are any other good holiday giveaways I’m missing!


Halloween Trivia Contest

October 30, 2007

I’m so excited that I actually have something fun to do tonight in celebration of Halloween (I hate that it’s on a Wed, and thus we’ve all had to celebrate the holiday for the past 5 days). Jo the MasterBaker, J, and I will all be going to NY Mag’s All Hallow’s Madness… open bar… should be interesting. I’m going to be a pirate, ARG!, and J is going to be a subway car. Why is he so much craftier than me?! But anyways, there’s a fun scavenger hunt that’s happening before the event. We don’t really have time to participate, but I wanted to let you all in on the fun. I’m listing all the restaurant/bar related places we need to find—whoever answers all 4 first (and correctly), I’ll send you a prize. Really, I will. Something ridiculous. OK… off you go:

  • The 7th Ave W. Village eatery with a famous case of split personalities?
  • Dylan Thomas consumed 18 shots of whiskey here & now his ghost haunts the place?
  • Sadly, a murdered woman found her end in 1799 in what is now the basement of this Spring Street restaurant. Bottles flying mysteriously off the shelves?
  • Romantic restaurant supposedly haunted by Aaron Burr’s daughter Thodosia who is rumored to steal patron’s earrings?

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