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Fresh from the Farm: Blue Hill

January 20, 2010

Last week J turned 29… yep, just one year left in his roaring 20s. To celebrate, we went to Blue Hill, where we feasted on farm-fresh ingredients and amazing food. I have to admit that most of the time I was there I was thinking, “I wonder where the Obamas sat?!” But the rest of the time, I was enjoying some of the best food we’ve ever eaten: fresh Maine crab appetizer, Berkshire Pig entree, quinoa with blue hubbard squash and pancetta, braised bacon and shoulder entree, and a side of brussels sprouts with pistachios. Yums.

that's J's little piggy

and that's my quinoa with piglet goodies

We loved everything about this place — the food, the wine, the atmosphere, everything. I also loved that I booked on OpenTable, and wrote a note to the restaurant saying it was my boyfriend’s birthday. We got a candle in our apple dessert without me ever having to do the shady grab-the-waitress-behind-birthday-boy’s-back thing. Next stop: the real Blue Hill farm!