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Groundhog Day Treats

February 2, 2010

Saw this and loved it. If you have kids, please go make these immediately (via Junior Society).


Valentine’s Day Crafts on iVillage

February 2, 2010

I researched and wrote a Valentine’s Day craft round-up for kids on iVillage’s parenting channel. It’s mostly arts-and-crafts heavy, but there’s this one that is food-related — a fun way to turn your homemade cookies into fantastic Valentine’s treats using CD sleeves from your local office supply store (via Northreads).

See the full slideshow here.


Fantastic Etsy Gifts!

April 13, 2009


A very talented friend, TweeLass, has officially opened her very own Etsy shop. A magazine editor by day, and a card-making crafter by night, she’s got fantastic, fun, whimsical cards for all occasions. Stop by her shop asap!

Congrats Twee!


Graffiti for Your Kitchen Cabinets

October 22, 2007


I really love when magazines use fun, quirky handwriting in their designs. J and I went to a talk/book-signing for the creator of a new book called Hand Job, all about handwritten fonts and designs, and the entire book is full of stuff I want to steal. Hand drawings give such a personal element that you can’t find with proper fonts, and there’s this fun feeling that you’ll never see it done the same way twice. But anyway, to the point—I want to make my own cabinet graffiti like this one that I saw on Apartment Therapy Kitchen (it was originally on Cookie). I think it’d be fun to get recipes from all the important people in your life and then stick them up on the inside of your cabinets with the help of Wonderful Graffiti. Or I could do a breakfast cabinet, a lunch one, and a dinner. Fun!