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Christmas is Finally Over

January 9, 2009

J and I have been prolonging Christmas for weeks thanks to busy schedules, new babies (J is an uncle!), and trying to celebrate with all our family members. So I finally got to give him his Christmas present yesterday. I made an appointment at the Nike Design Studio in SoHo, and got him a pair of custom Dunks. (The fact that “custom Dunks” is a phrase in vocabularly is slightly frightening to me.) Here they are:


After making pretty shoes, we went to La Esquina. Though we both enjoyed our dinner, we both got home and curled up on the couch with tummy aches. Maybe we overdid it?! I’ve been to this restaurant a few times, and can someone please explain to me where this basement club thing is in the place? I don’t understand!

Sidenote: I’m pretty sure Food Network star and NYC chef Aarón Sanchez lives in my building… and had to take my load of laundry out of the washer the other day because I was too slow to change to the dryer. Embarrassing much?


My Dear Antonia

June 6, 2008

I’m onboard with most people in that I really like Richard and Stephanie from Top Chef. But this interview made me love Antonia just a little bit more. It’s something about her—the way she talks and acts—it’s her food that I want to eat most.

UPDATE: To add more fuel to the I-Hate-Lisa fire, check out this quote from the Daily News: “Oh, no, I don’t read the blogs — you couldn’t pay me to read the blogs. I don’t want to know what people who can’t even afford to eat in my restaurant, let alone know how to cook, have to say about me.” – Lisa


Best Sandwich Ever

May 15, 2008

I was looking at YumSugar’s ‘Wich of the Week today, and it reminded me of something I used to make for dinner all the time in college—the Spanglish Sandwich. Yes, I watched (and still own) the movie Spanglish—I actually saw it in the movie theater and cried my eyes out… though, it doesn’t take much to make me teary. Then, on the DVD, there’s a special feature where you can learn how to make the late-night sandwich that Adam Sandler (playing a prominent chef) makes at the end of a long day at his restaurant. The recipe was actually created by celeb chef Thomas Keller of Per Se fame, and it really is the perfect, satisfying meal for tired, late-night cravings. For the recipe, Read the rest of this entry ?


Dream Come True

February 5, 2008


NBC is combining 2 of my favorite things tonight: The Biggest Loser and Rocco DiSpirito. They’re having a cook-off! You know where I’ll be at 8pm.


Lunching for a Cause

December 14, 2007


“Food Porn.” Love it! Check out this lunchbox that was designed by Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio for the 2007 Lunchbox Auction. You can get it for a measly $110… but that’s just the starting bid. Good news is that it’s actually for a really great cause. The money will go to two hunger-relief organizations: Food Bank for New York and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa. Mr. Colicchio’s rather talented, dontcha think?


Iron Chef Holiday Special

November 28, 2007


I have a bit of a shameful confession: I think I fell in love with Paula Deen. Normally, I find her high-pitch squeals annoying, her southern accent unbearable, and the food she makes disgusting, but she stole my heart on the All-Star Holiday Dessert Battle. I watched that entire episode thinking… man, she’s kinda funny. I even forced J to watch a little bit of it last night on DVR.

If you missed it, the show pitted Food Network stars Cat Cora and Paula Deen against Tyler Florence and Robert Irvine. And the special ingredient was SUGAR! Cora and Deen took a really whimsical approach to their dishes, putting cookies in a faux-mailbox for Santa and making a Candy Cane cocktail. Only when it comes to Christmas does this sugary-sweet approach to food really get to me, I swear! Florence sort of dropped the ball in an unsuccessful attempt at making a Buche de Noel in under 60 minutes. But, there was an amazingly awesome moment when Paula chomped down on Robert’s index finger and wouldn’t let go. When she finally did, she yelled, “Watch out! I’m a snapping turtle.” And I died of laughter. And I’m mildly ashamed at the cheesiness of it all. But YumSugar did a poll, and most people agreed that the episode was fantastic! So at least I’m not alone.

And oh yeah—Tiny Fey was a judge, so at least that increases the cool factor.


The Ultimate Kitchen Nightmare

September 28, 2007


I watched Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares last night, and I could barely keep my food down. Rat traps, cockroaches everywhere, green meat, and rotten veggies… blech. I seriously thought I was going to throw up. But it got me thinking: How does a restaurant in midtown Manhattan get away with this? I know that NY’s a big place and there are too many restaurants to keep tabs on, but this was an egregious mistake on the part of the NY Health Department. And I think more than anyone, they should be embarrassed and ashamed. I’ve actually considered calling the Health Dept lately—there’s a teeny, tiny restaurant at the end of my block that is disgusting. They are infested with rats. I can’t walk by without seeing at least 6 of them scatter across my path. And they basically throw their garbage down into the cellar for the rats to feast on—no bags, no cleaning, no nothing. So, should I do it? I’m morally conflicted. I don’t want to be a tattle-tale, but it’s food and it could seriously make someone sick. What’s the right call?

PS—there’s some talk over on the YumSugar boards about the hottie, Vikas Khanna, that Ramsay brought in to turn the Purnima Restaurant around. They’ve also put up a poll about whether you’d consider eating at Purnima now. Tough question. It’d be hard to turn down Vikas’ food, but even harder to get the image of those cockroaches out of my head.