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I Love My Grill Pan

February 15, 2008


A while back I decided to buy myself a fancy grill pan and debated a few different options. I finally settled on the Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet Grill which was on sale at Sur Le Table. Well, it came in the mail last week and it’s utterly beautiful. The ceramic blue handle, the deep black grill ridges—it’s a work of art. And I used it last night to make some filet mignon for Valentine’s day—actual grill marks on the perfectly grilled and broiled meat. It’s mega heavy, and I’m a little nervous to try the stove top-to-oven transfer without J‘s manly muscles, but I want to cook with this pan every night. It’s still on sale, so go get one! It’s a kitchen must-have.


How to Grill Indoors??

January 8, 2008








I was watching the Food Network this weekend, and I decided that I need to buy some sort of grill for my kitchen. So many yummy, healthy creations are made on the Food Network grills, and I feel left out. So I’m thinking about buying one of the three grills above. The first, is the Staub Square Grill and it’s $65, the second is the Lodge Logic Grill & Griddle Pan which is $50, and the last is the Le Creuset Cast Iron Oblong Skillet Grill for $60 (on sale from $90). Does anyone have ANY experience with any of these? I live in a small NYC apartment, and I’m usually just cooking for myself and maybe one other person. Which do you think is best for me?