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Love This Marketing Idea

April 30, 2008

If somebody sent me this, I’d pretty much be a customer for life. I’m easy, I know. Way to go, Swich.


Margaritas on the LES

April 29, 2008

I finally checked out Barrio Chino on Broome Street between Orchard and Ludlow on Saturday night. Usually when I stop by the small, open-aired Mexican restaurant, there’s between a 1 and 2 hour wait. But thanks to some cold, rainy weather, I got a table in under 20 minutes. The food was delicious and cheap—two very important criteria. And I finally got my spring margarita fix, even if it didn’t feel like spring weather. If you’re going to go, get there early or expect a long wait… or pass the time with margaritas, caipirinhas, or some sangria. (And order the Enchiladas Verde… yum!)

Photo by Robert K. Chin.


Total Bummer

April 25, 2008

J and I had dinner at an amazing fish restaurant in Murray Hill called Wild Edibles—it’s seriously the first time we ate out in that neighborhood at a place I thought was reasonably priced, delicious, and had a cozy atmosphere. It’s basically a fish market with a few tables and bar stools set up to eat the on-display fresh fare. I love seeing my food before it’s cooked! Also, we had raw oysters with beer tastings which is probably my favorite thing on earth. But I just read on Eater and Grub Street today that my precious needle-in-a-haystack find is in trouble. Apparently, there’s some sort of issue where they’re being sued by former staff, and thus over 20 major restaurants in the city have stopped ordering from them. It’s this quote that broke my heart: “the Brandworkers’ real agenda is simply to put Wild Edibles out of business.” NOOOOoooo!

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Vodka That’s Good for the Earth

April 23, 2008

I read a post on YumSugar today about 360 Vodka, and I remembered that I tried some a few weeks back. Now, I’m not a vodka drinker—I try to stay far, far away from the stuff. And they had it mixed with some sort of neon green midori concoction that looked less-than-appetizing. But I sipped, and… it tasted like vodka. No better, no worse than Stoli. But here’s the green twist: the company uses an energy-efficient process to distill the vodka, the labels are 100% recycled and processed in a chlorine-free manner, the bottle is 85% recycled, and the facility that filters it has gone through measures to reduce its eco footprint. They also gave me a coaster that I could plant and grow flowers with when I tried the drink. I don’t know—I guess I support it because it’s better for the earth, but I’m still not down for drinking it.


Yummy Yogurt Dip

April 22, 2008

How delicious does this look? I know yogurt and warm days don’t really seem like they go together, but for some reason, now that the sun’s shining, I have a craving for this Greek Yogurt, Lemon, and Herb Dip. Actually I have a craving for Greek food in general! But maybe this dip (found via The Kitchn) with recipe from Chez Pim will do the trick?


Wines That Please Everyone

April 18, 2008

I clipped this post from Dr. Vino‘s blog the other day sort of as a mental note to myself, but thought y’all might like to see it too. It’s a list of the wines that were unanimously enjoyed by the classmates of his NYU course on wine tasting. I figure if it’s good enough for an NYU-kid, it’s good enough for me.

* Luneau-Papin, Clos des Allees, Muscadet 2005 $12 (find this wine)
* Godeval Godello 2006 $16 (find this wine)
* Lenz Estate Merlot, North Fork Long Island, 2001 $21 (find this wine)
* Patricia Greene, “Whistling Ridge” Pinot noir, 2006. $35 (find this wine)
* Catena Malbec 2005 $16 (find this wine)
* Yves Cuilleron, “vin de pays des Collines Rhodaniennes,” Syrah 2006 $18 (find this wine)

The first two are whites, and the rest are reds. Enjoy.

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Do Food and Art Go Together?

April 17, 2008

Tomorrow is the last day of the Umami: Food and Art Festival. If you don’t know, Umami is defined as the fifth taste after salty, sweet, bitter, and sour. It’s a Japanese term that refers to foods that are “savory” or “meaty” tasting. Tonight and tomorrow is the Ensemble 2009: Cookies performance—”A performance based around words derived from the linguistic milieu of food and cooking and begin with the letters that make up the term PERFORMANCE.” Whoa. I went to NYU and had to sit through things like this every day, so I’ve had my fill, thank you very much. I’d rather eat my food than watch performance art about it.

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