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I’m Still Alive

May 30, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posting – it’s been a weird week (that involved 3 hours at the DMV and a frantic search for a new apartment for a friend). And unfortunately, it hasn’t involved much eating. I’ll be back next week with high spirits and lots of great food ideas. Until then, have a great weekend! And enjoy Manhattanege tonight.


Indoor-Outdoor Seating

May 23, 2008

Saw this and completely agree: “As the weather warms up, restaurants who keep their windows open wide maintain a serious advantage over their stuffier competitors,” says Gothamist. I think I like restaurants that open their windows more than sidewalk seating—it’s the best of both worlds. And the neighborhood is all about opening their windows, check out some of my favorites who take part: Kampuchea, Tapeo 29, Thai on Clinton (which is called something else now), Bondi Road, Schiller’s, Salt Bar, Barrio Chino, and Spitzer’s Corner.


A Sunday at the Flea

May 21, 2008

I’ve been dying to go to the Brooklyn Flea since it opened, but it’s pretty much rained every Sunday for the past few weeks (or I’ve been away for a wedding). This Sunday’s forecast? Sunny and in the 70s. And, after seeing this article about the Flea in the NY Times, I’m even more amped to go. Mostly, I’m dying to check out the Whimsy & Spice goodies that I read about all the time on Sweet, Fine, Day. Everything they make looks so darn delicious! There’s also news that the Red Hook vendors are setting up satellite stands at the Flea—and let’s face it, if I didn’t make it out to Red Hook last year, what are the chances this year? I’m not so into the artsy, crafty stuff that will probably be there, but I can use it to convince others to come with me. I think Dachsies wants to go; and I can probably get Johnny in. Who wants to join?


LES News Bites

May 20, 2008
  • Committee Board 3 rejected Ludlow Street’s Darkroom for a liquor license renewal. They cited several infractions including noise complaints a few counts of selling booze to minors.  — Eater
  • There’s news of a potential Italian spot on B and 3rd from a very prestigious wine-shop owner. — Eater
  • The team behind Stanton Social are planning on opening a “tapas-style steakhouse” at 146 Essex in what is now a furniture shop. — Eater
  • Two new Japanese restaurants coming to the hood with liquor licenses: a noodle shop called Souen (6th between A and B) and robata-style cooking joint aptly named Robataya (9th between 2nd and 3rd). — Eater

Popcorn is Screwing the Movie Industry

May 20, 2008

While having dinner with friends last night, they informed me that I might be paying MORE than the $11-12 I pay now for NYC movie tickets. This seems so unfair. Apparently, because the cost of corn is skyrocketing, thus inflating the cost of popcorn, we can all expect a 30% increase in our movie tickets. That means that our $11.50 tickets will be $14.95. Add to that the surcharge of Fandango, because half the time, if you want to guarantee a ticket for a Friday night screening you’ve got to buy ahead, and we’re looking at about $16.50 a ticket. Ridiculous. And it’s all because we’re trying to be green and run our cars on ethanol fuel… I knew saving the environment would cost me in the end! I have to agree with Gawker here—the average cost of a movie ticket is $6.88, so why not just raise the price for those people?! We’re already paying almost double that!

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The Truth

May 16, 2008

From SwissMiss.


Best Sandwich Ever

May 15, 2008

I was looking at YumSugar’s ‘Wich of the Week today, and it reminded me of something I used to make for dinner all the time in college—the Spanglish Sandwich. Yes, I watched (and still own) the movie Spanglish—I actually saw it in the movie theater and cried my eyes out… though, it doesn’t take much to make me teary. Then, on the DVD, there’s a special feature where you can learn how to make the late-night sandwich that Adam Sandler (playing a prominent chef) makes at the end of a long day at his restaurant. The recipe was actually created by celeb chef Thomas Keller of Per Se fame, and it really is the perfect, satisfying meal for tired, late-night cravings. For the recipe, Read the rest of this entry ?