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Pepsi With Real Sugar

March 4, 2009


Sugar has been a much-talked-about subject in my apartment recently. Jo the MasterBaker went on a sugar-free diet (and yeast-free) for about a month and it was one of the most impressive displays of will-power I’ve ever seen. Sugar is in everything… everything! But I’m kind of excited about the prospect of Pepsi with real sugar cane instead of high-fructose corn syrup. I’ve been abroad, and I’ve had Coke/soda with real sugar. It is soooo much better. It’ll definitely be more expensive (I was just speaking with a food expert about how much cheaper high fructose corn syrup is), but I think worth it! Do you?


Good friend Gina with Cola Turka in Istanbul

Good friend Gina with Cola Turka in Istanbul


Popcorn is Screwing the Movie Industry

May 20, 2008

While having dinner with friends last night, they informed me that I might be paying MORE than the $11-12 I pay now for NYC movie tickets. This seems so unfair. Apparently, because the cost of corn is skyrocketing, thus inflating the cost of popcorn, we can all expect a 30% increase in our movie tickets. That means that our $11.50 tickets will be $14.95. Add to that the surcharge of Fandango, because half the time, if you want to guarantee a ticket for a Friday night screening you’ve got to buy ahead, and we’re looking at about $16.50 a ticket. Ridiculous. And it’s all because we’re trying to be green and run our cars on ethanol fuel… I knew saving the environment would cost me in the end! I have to agree with Gawker here—the average cost of a movie ticket is $6.88, so why not just raise the price for those people?! We’re already paying almost double that!

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