Popcorn is Screwing the Movie Industry

May 20, 2008

While having dinner with friends last night, they informed me that I might be paying MORE than the $11-12 I pay now for NYC movie tickets. This seems so unfair. Apparently, because the cost of corn is skyrocketing, thus inflating the cost of popcorn, we can all expect a 30% increase in our movie tickets. That means that our $11.50 tickets will be $14.95. Add to that the surcharge of Fandango, because half the time, if you want to guarantee a ticket for a Friday night screening you’ve got to buy ahead, and we’re looking at about $16.50 a ticket. Ridiculous. And it’s all because we’re trying to be green and run our cars on ethanol fuel… I knew saving the environment would cost me in the end! I have to agree with Gawker here—the average cost of a movie ticket is $6.88, so why not just raise the price for those people?! We’re already paying almost double that!

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