Happy Birthday to Me!

June 16, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday…27. Nuts. I’m feeling old and cranky about this birthday, but J did his best to raise my spirits with a fancy meal.

We went to Mas (farmhouse), a farmhouse style menu with lots of fresh, seasonal, local ingredients. We opted for the menu option: “bring us a bunch of food.” They brought 6 different courses, of varying levels of yummy. There was a vichyssoise that I could’ve done without, and I experienced the first pork belly I didn’t love. There were two dishes of the 6 that I loved: a duck breast with pickled cherries and faro and a halibut that I think was cooked in duck fat… a trend. Dessert — what you see above — was also delicious with a really clever take on a s’more: some crumbled chocolate (kind of like a fancier crumbles from Carvel ice cream cake), a marshmallow, and an intensely good salted carmel ice cream. We enjoyed, and felt a bit too full at the end. But… it was no Blue Hill.


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