What To Do With a Box of Veggies?

February 22, 2010

That box you see above? That appeared on my doorstep last Monday. For Christmas, my brother signed me up for a service called Urban Organic. It’s a produce-delivery service that specializes in sending organic goodies to urban areas (i.e., Brooklyn).There are all different types of packages you can buy, but I’m getting 4 of the “Little Box” — “More convenience than value, perfect for one. 11-13 items, 1-2 pieces of each item.” I am absolutely LOVING this — a fresh box of fruits and veggies at my doorstep every 2 weeks for 2 months. And not only is it great to have all the fresh, healthy produce, it’s also completely inspiring me to cook “outside the box” (ha!). So far, I’ve made:

… and lots of other more random dishes. It’s made me try recipes I normally would think are way beyond my skills, and it’s made me cook ingredients that I would be too afraid to buy at the store. Every Monday, I feel like I’m on my own version of Chopped — opening a box of ingredients and being forced to figure out a dish to make. We’re almost done with box #2!


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