Roaming Berlin and Prague

December 5, 2009

I never wrote a roundup of my trip to Berlin and Prague with J, so here goes! It was fantastic and exhausting. I had to fly to Berlin for work for a week, and then on Saturday morning J showed up and we checked into our hotel, Michelberger Hotel. I guess that even though they said it was open and running, they hadn’t quite worked out the kinks. We loved the design and cleanliness of this budget hotel, but got really frustrated when their opening night party went on until 7am right outside our 2nd floor window. That was only the beginning of the problems — including having to switch rooms 4 times in one night. I do NOT recommend this place! After a few days in Berlin, we took the train out to Prague in the early morning, crossing through farmland and windmills caked in the most beautiful fog. It was magical — as was Prague itself. Such an incredibly beautiful city.

As for the food? Food in Berlin was great — we had some great food and even better cocktails from an Australian mixologist at the restaurant Fabisch (he’s got a blog!); I ate wienerschnitzel (yum!) and currywurst (yuck!); went to a very cool artist space and bar called the Tacheles; and rode bikes through cute little neighborhoods like Kreuzberg. The food in Prague… not so good. Lots and lots of meat and potatoes, stews, and other heavy dishes that make it difficult to walk around. However, we had an AMAZING lunch at David Restaurant. It was a bit of financial splurge, but the food was fantastic, the wine was delicious, and the service was warm and welcoming.

And the waiter gave us some complimentary dessert wine (that we loved) in really unique and beautiful wine glasses.


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