Off to Berlin… Auf Wiedersehen

August 17, 2009

german food

J and I are (rather spontaneously) taking a trip to Berlin/Prague the first week of September. I have to attend a conference in Berlin, and then J is coming to meet me for a week afterwards. We’ve already booked 2 nights at this really cool, brand-new budget hotel, Michelberger hotel, and I think we’ll play the rest by ear. We’re hoping to do a train out to Prague for at least 2 full days and 1 night, but more if we really love it. So any suggestions on Berlin and/or Prague? Places to stay, things to eat, drinks to drink, stuff to see… ??

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  1. hi janna, judy goldberg referred me… it seems we’ll meet tomorrow night 🙂 meanwhile I just came back from a week in Berlin and a week in Cracow/Prague and would love to share my experience and a few tips! esp where we stayed, which was an apartment in Mitte that we really liked.

  2. Holley — fantastic! I can’t wait to get your tips tomorrow.

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