I Forgot NYC Could Be Fancy

June 1, 2009


Living in my little LES world, I sometimes forget that all NYC restaurants aren’t super tiny, cramped, cozy, and bustling with hipsters. But, over Memorial Day weekend, I was reminded of how opulent and over-the-top some NY restaurants can be. J and I had a gift certificate to Megu (that we’ve been holding on to for over a year), and we finally decided to use it. Megu is one of those super swanky sushi restaurants — not the 3rd Ave, 50% off, type places that I’m used to. We easily spent our $150 gift card and then some, and we didn’t even order wine or sake. But I have to say — there’s something really special about these grand NYC institutions, like Tao, Nobu, and even Cipriani’s. There are insane things like the huge ceilings, wagyu beef flown from Japan, table-side homemade wasabi, and best of all… the Buddha ice sculpture that’s carved daily (see photo). Such extravagance in a recession is a little hard to swallow, but I still love that these little pockets of NYC exist… even if I rarely experience them!


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