A Brooklyn Cookie Swap

February 23, 2009

Photo via

J and I went to a Cookie Swap in Williamsburg on Saturday night. I really didn’t do much work. J bought the ingredients, made the dough, and then rolled all but 6 (that’s where I pitched in!) cookies onto a cookie sheet and into the oven. He was determined to make his favorite cookie, the Chocolate Crinkle. They were delicious. “Like a brownie with sugar on top,” J said. We ate an insane amount of cookies and I was so impressed by everyone’s creativity. Someone made those girl scout cookies that used to be called Samoas, but now they’re called something else b/c that’s not PC. Very impressive.


Kris doling out his homemade cookies into the jar.

The party-hosters even made a chocolate “earth.” (see below)


It's cookie earth!

It's cookie earth!


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