…And On To 2009

January 6, 2009


Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday and time off from work — I certainly did. And J and I kicked off 2009 with a fun new restaurant choice. We went to Irving Mill (though I did stumble there once before, it doesn’t count), which has a new chef from when it opened. Ryan Skeen is the new chef, and he’s been praised up and down NYC by every type of critic. Our take: food was good. Not anything super surprising or over-the-top, but a very delicious and pretty basic meal. I also really enjoy any place that has good, artisanal beers on tap.

After dinner we went to see Fuerzabruta from the De La Guarda creators. Has anyone seen this show? It made me feel hot and dizzy — and a little bit like I was trapped in a nightmare… or in Webster Hall on “Ladies’ Night” at the beginning. But once I acclimated to the environment, I thought there were some really cool elements, and others that needed work. I’m so curious what others’ opinions are, please tell if you’ve seen it!

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