How Hot Can You Handle It?

June 24, 2008

I really love spicy foods. But it’s definitely a painful experience for me. While living in London, I once at a curry that made my entire face go fire-engine red and I couldn’t speak for a few minutes. And on one of my first dates with J, I ate a Malaysian dish that caused me so much pain I had to beg the waiter for a glass of milk—that’s apparently how I make the men fall for me. So I love this: The Phaal Challenge at Brick Lane. Since phaal is considered one of the hottest curries, the restaurant will give anyone who manages to finish the dish a place on Brick Lane Curry House‘s P’hall of Fame, a certificate of honor, and a free beer. I’m too chicken, but are you up to it? You actually have to give them a verbal disclaimer that you won’t hold them liable for any “physical or emotional damage.” Hard core. Check out Serious Eats where someone actually completed the challenge.


One comment

  1. Wow!! I wish I could take this one up. In my old age though I seem to be less tolerant of spicy foods. I love how they taste though!

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