Del Posto Birthday Dinner

June 16, 2008

Last night J took me out to Del Posto for my birthday. What an incredibly elegant and over-the-top experience! I got all gussied up (high heels and all) and we even cabbed it to the 10th Ave locale. When we entered, the first thing I thought was, “This place is huge!” The ceilings are incredibly high, and we climbed tons of steps to get to the balcony level. The food was delicious: the tasting menu confused us a bit, so we opted for 2 entrees and something called “BIS,” where you get tastings of two different pastas. The first pasta was rabbit panzotti with asparagus and the second was orecchiette with lamb neck sausage and morels. Both were fantastic – and just the right size for a tasting. Then I got the pork loin and J got the seared halibut (his was better… he always picks better than me!). Dessert was so-so: chocolate ricotta tortino; but I’m not really a huge chocolate or ricotta fan. Biggest highlight? We splurged on wine and got a fantastic Barbera. J spent like 20 minutes trying to choose through the novel-length wine list. When the sommelier came to the table, it was so fancy! He poured the wine into one wine glass, swirled, poured it from the first glass to a second, swirled, and then poured into a 3rd smaller glass, and sniffed it. I barely contained my laughter – I’m not used to such service! All in all – a delicious, super special birthday dinner all thanks to my amazing boyfriend.


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  1. adorable!

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