My Dear Antonia

June 6, 2008

I’m onboard with most people in that I really like Richard and Stephanie from Top Chef. But this interview made me love Antonia just a little bit more. It’s something about her—the way she talks and acts—it’s her food that I want to eat most.

UPDATE: To add more fuel to the I-Hate-Lisa fire, check out this quote from the Daily News: “Oh, no, I don’t read the blogs — you couldn’t pay me to read the blogs. I don’t want to know what people who can’t even afford to eat in my restaurant, let alone know how to cook, have to say about me.” – Lisa


One comment

  1. gotta love reading comments some time, especially this one from the interview above.. “Richard did indeed have a baby. Ironically, his beautiful baby Riley was born with a faux hawk so sharp….it cut his uterus on the way out. Ouch!” people are redic.

    and ps. booo lisa, you’re the worst.

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