A Sunday at the Flea

May 21, 2008

I’ve been dying to go to the Brooklyn Flea since it opened, but it’s pretty much rained every Sunday for the past few weeks (or I’ve been away for a wedding). This Sunday’s forecast? Sunny and in the 70s. And, after seeing this article about the Flea in the NY Times, I’m even more amped to go. Mostly, I’m dying to check out the Whimsy & Spice goodies that I read about all the time on Sweet, Fine, Day. Everything they make looks so darn delicious! There’s also news that the Red Hook vendors are setting up satellite stands at the Flea—and let’s face it, if I didn’t make it out to Red Hook last year, what are the chances this year? I’m not so into the artsy, crafty stuff that will probably be there, but I can use it to convince others to come with me. I think Dachsies wants to go; and I can probably get Johnny in. Who wants to join?



  1. i am there. when we goin?

  2. Hi there, thanks for the lovely write up. We will not be at the Flea this sunday (and of course it’s supposed to be gorgeous…go figure). But we will be there the following sunday and every other week. Hope to meet you soon!

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