Les Enfant Terrible is Actually Terrific

May 6, 2008

I was browsing through my blog posts and realized that I mentioned a few weeks ago Les Enfants Terrible as “a restaurant I keep hearing great things about and still haven’t been to.” Update: I went. And now I would like to add my great things to the pile. It’s cuisine is a mix of African/Moroccan, French, and Brazilian. And we really ate something from across the board of those countries: one grilled steak, one rice paper flower filled w/ seasonal sauteed vegetables (zucchini, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes & sweet potatoes) in spicy curry and garlic sauce, and one Bozo-Bozo—a potato-crusted wild striped bass served with spinach, artichoke, fennel confit and light saffron ginger and lemongrass seafood broth. Sounds mouthwatering because it was! It’s not listed on the menu, but the fish also has some cooked plaintains on top which added a great sweet flavor. Then, we finished with Mousse de Maracuja (passion fruit)—which will always remind me of being in the beautiful Trancoso, Brazil. Final touch: we ordered a glass of champagne each. It was a perfect night where we got to feel fancy and eat delicious food without dropping mega bucks on the bill.


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