Vodka That’s Good for the Earth

April 23, 2008

I read a post on YumSugar today about 360 Vodka, and I remembered that I tried some a few weeks back. Now, I’m not a vodka drinker—I try to stay far, far away from the stuff. And they had it mixed with some sort of neon green midori concoction that looked less-than-appetizing. But I sipped, and… it tasted like vodka. No better, no worse than Stoli. But here’s the green twist: the company uses an energy-efficient process to distill the vodka, the labels are 100% recycled and processed in a chlorine-free manner, the bottle is 85% recycled, and the facility that filters it has gone through measures to reduce its eco footprint. They also gave me a coaster that I could plant and grow flowers with when I tried the drink. I don’t know—I guess I support it because it’s better for the earth, but I’m still not down for drinking it.


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  1. […] a more harmonious union than bacon and chocolate (which there isn’t), it’s most likely saving the environment and tossing back vodka; the only other drinking-while-green products I have seen are unappetizing wines occupying a lonely […]

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