Ding… Order Up!

April 15, 2008

Based on a NY Magazine recommendation, J and I went to Maco Global Dining in Murray Hill on Friday night. I have to admit, it was one of the weirdest dining experiences I’ve had. Not necessarily bad, but definitely strange. The cuisine is truly “global dining”—there’s everything on the menu from sushi, to pasta, to chicken wings. Though an eclectic menu usually intrigues me, I have to say I was mostly confused and didn’t know what to order. The items were just so varied that I couldn’t decide on a cohesive meal. So, we ended up getting a tempura appetizer, I had a curry noodle entree, and J got some sushi. Everything we ate was definitely yummy. But there was this really odd thing—every time an order was ready the chefs behind the window would hit a bell (which I swore was a gong, but can’t prove). It was ridiculous, and so strange to have a fry-cook diner element at this upscale restaurant. I seriously almost fell out of my chair with laughter when I heard the “ding” every five minutes. It’s so funny how little things like that can alter your restaurant experience.

Photo by Zach Desart.


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