TGI Fridays is a Scam

March 31, 2008


J and I went to TGI Fridays last night in NYC. Being both Jersey-bred, we have a special place in our hearts for some of these chain restaurant staples… plus, there was a $50 gift card up for use. So, we went… we got one appetizer, each got an entree (mine was a salad and J got the Jack Burger), and a margarita each. Total bill: $80. How absurd is this? J was trying to convince me that it’s cheaper in NJ, but I can’t remember. So, if you happen upon this post from somewhere outside NYC, will you please tell me how much a Tostada Salad ($18) or the Jack Burger ($18) is in your city? We went to a fancy-ish dinner in the Lower East Side on Friday night to one of our favorite places, got an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a half-carafe of sangria and our bill was still significantly less.



  1. No surprise to me that a TGIF in NYC is a scam. Every NYC restaurant(well, almost) charges what the traffic will bear.


  3. Oh my god! I remember I went to a TGI Fridays in NYC once, when I was an NJ teenager and skipped school for the day to go to the city with friends. It was so expensive and so sub-par! Where in NJ are you from?

  4. Cakespy…. i’m from northern NJ, just across the George Washington Bridge. But no one’s ever heard of the town. What about you?

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