A NY Top Chef Tour

March 27, 2008


As Eater pointed out today, all 7 NY chefs are still on Top Chef. So, I’m considering making the rounds of their previously-worked-at restaurants just for the hell of it. Here’s what the loop would look like:

  • Andrew: Unfortunately, I’ve got to immediately count him out as he’s listed as “sous-chef in NYC” without any restaurant affiliation. Bummer.
  • Nikki: 24 Prince; American Traditional food; Nolita; $$
  • Spike: Mai House; Vietnamese food, Tribeca, $$-$$$
  • Manuel: Dos Caminos; Mexican food; SoHo, Midtown East, or Gramercy; $$-$$$
  • Dale: Buddakan; Asian: Southeast Chinese food; Chelsea; $$$
  • Lisa and Mark: Public (I’m combing them here b/c I don’t think Lisa works anywhere now, and she did previously work at Public); American Traditional food; Nolita $$-$$$… I’m putting this last b/c technically, I’ve sorta eaten here already

Who’s up for a little Top Chef tour? And… how do you think having the cheftestants on the show affects these restaurants’ business?


One comment

  1. Oliver and I are dying to go on a top chef restaurant crawl…when should we start? I think we should do a little digging and find Andrew’s restaurant. I’m going to start with the internet…i’ll be back with update!

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