Top Chef is Back

March 13, 2008


Season premier last night—what did you think? It was good… I love when Bourdain is a judge. He spices things up a bit. And I kinda love Rocco as well, somewhat against my will. It’s hard to tell at this point who is talented and who is not, but I definitely think the chick they sent packing deserved it. Not only did she seem to make yucky food, her whole, “I’m not here to make friends” speech sounded a little too America’s Next Top Model-ish. Maybe she should go on that show next? If you want to read more about the episode, every single food blog is writing about it:


One comment

  1. I think richard is going to be bad ass. And that andrew kid bothers me, other than that I couldnt get a good read.. and padma sitting making comments, damn her, where else does a host get to pretend she or he is a judge..

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