Restaurant Week at Perry Street

January 31, 2008


I’m back! (More on the trip to Argentina in a day or two, I promise.) Before I left for B.A., I booked a special “Welcome Home” dinner for myself and J at Perry Street, one of the many Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurants. Since it’s Restaurant Week, I wanted to take advantage and go somewhere shnazzy—and it was fabulous (unlike my last Restaurant Week experience!).

Perry Street is supremely chic and high-class without being too pretentious or overwhelming. If J and I feel like we fit in at an upscale restaurant, you know it’s got something of a down-to-earth charm. The place is crisp and clean, and tables aren’t too close or crammed. And the noise level was perfect for a NYC dinner where you can actually hear your date (but still eavesdrop on your neighbor when you want). Plus, what a great view! The place is located on the corner of the West Side Highway and Perry St, so the front windows look out onto the river and NJ—feel free to argue that NJ is not a great view, but I think it is.

Dinner was delicious as well. We got the tomato cream soup for a starter—this restaurant is big on table-side service. They delivered a clean, modern white bowl with a piece of crisp cheese bread on the edge and then used a teapot to pour in the soup at our table. Then J ordered steak (where they used the teapot again to pour some puree), and I ordered the cod—deliciously moist and tender but with amazingly vibrant flavors. Dessert was the chocolate pudding that J and I melted over, and a slightly less impressive white chocolate meringue with mint ice cream.

All in all, a great evening and I highly recommend it.

(Photo by Mark Peterson/Redux in NY Mag)


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  1. you forgot about the amuse bouche… yum.

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