How to Grill Indoors??

January 8, 2008








I was watching the Food Network this weekend, and I decided that I need to buy some sort of grill for my kitchen. So many yummy, healthy creations are made on the Food Network grills, and I feel left out. So I’m thinking about buying one of the three grills above. The first, is the Staub Square Grill and it’s $65, the second is the Lodge Logic Grill & Griddle Pan which is $50, and the last is the Le Creuset Cast Iron Oblong Skillet Grill for $60 (on sale from $90). Does anyone have ANY experience with any of these? I live in a small NYC apartment, and I’m usually just cooking for myself and maybe one other person. Which do you think is best for me?



  1. I have the one that goes across both burners and one that’s like the staub. I use them both a lot! If I were just cooking for one or two I’d go with the Le Creuset because it’s so heavy duty and awesome. You could also put it in the oven.

  2. I’m definitely leaning towards the Le Creuset – and I did think about the bonus of putting it in the oven. Also, I’m sorta afraid the Grill & Griddle won’t fit over my small stove! And, I asked my mom (of course) what she thought, and all she said was, “Anything with ridges on/in it is a pain to get clean.” Too funny.

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