No Wonder Barolo is Only $12

November 5, 2007

A friend and I dropped by Bacaro on Friday night—I really love the food and atmosphere at Peasant, so I was extremely excited to see the latest venture by the same owners. The new restaurant/wine bar has 2 floors, but, for some reason, the downstairs was closed the entire time we were there. I found this really surprising considering there were probably 10 people waiting for a table. The upstairs was beautiful—old wooden accents with a lush, crystal-looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was definitely teeny—some might say cramped. But it still had a cozy feeling.

When I looked at the menu, I thought: “OMG! A glass of Barolo is only $12!” Then I remembered that the restaurant serves their wine in an “ombra,” Italian for really small glass. As our waitress said, “A little larger than a shot.” So we split a half-carafe, and got a few of the cichetti (yes folks… another “small plates” restaurant on the LES). Everything was delicious—spicy fried meatballs, cured duck and pears, and the octopus and potato salad. Also, rumor has it that they have their own Salami room downstairs. So bummed that it was closed off! I say… definitely go here if you’re looking for a chill place to grab a good glass of wine and a few snacks. But get there early—or beg them to open the downstairs!


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