Time for Tea!

November 2, 2007


How pretty is this tea-cup and kettle (via Serious Eats)? It’s getting colder, and the trees are losing all their leaves, and I’m in the mood for some hot tea, warm blankets, and continual screenings of Love Actually. These daydreams make the impending cold weather bearable.



  1. Top 6 Reasons Not to Drink Tea

    1- The chemicals used to remove caffeine from tea are carcinogenic as there is no swiss water method as with coffee.

    2- The caffeine in tea takes twice as long to eliminate from the body.

    3- Depletes the adrenal glands just like coffee

    4- Decreases melatonin production = sleep disorders like insomnia

    5- Caffeine acts as a diuretic (by the way, caffeine is a strong diuretic, which depletes the body of certain vitamins and minerals, such as “C”, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and potassium

    6- All teas contain flouride. Flouride is accumulative toxin. Only 50% of this poison is excreted from the body per day. The other half stays and accumulates, particualry in the brain & bones. Water contains lead & aluminium. Flouride attaches to lead & aluminum ions and heightens accumulation and increases these toxins metals to the brain. Aluminum flouride showed capacity to damage brain and kidneys in lab rats

    Get the real scoop on caffeine at http://www.CaffeineAwareness.org
    Test your caffeine smarts with the caffeine quiz.

    And if you drink decaf you wont want to miss this special free report on the Dangers of Decaf available at http://www.soyfee.com

  2. What the…?

    Guess he never read this:

    Tea is just as healthy as water

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