I’m Broke Because of Beer

November 1, 2007


I saw this thing called the Drink-O-Meter on Imbible, and decided to play along. According to my results, I’ve consumed 2254.98 drinks (but this has to be way off b/c it somehow calculated that at 24 I have 7-years of legal drinking… it must be European site) and spent a whopping $9019.92. Yikes. Scary… but I believe it in this city. However, I was sort of disappointed because they rated me “Chelsea Clinton” status, which I completely don’t understand?? What does she have to do with drinking? More fun facts: the amount of drinks I’ve consumed could fill 6.59 bath tubs, and could purchase .05 Ferraris. So strange. What did you score?

Photo via.



  1. I got “Mother Theresa” – but I still managed to spend over $7G’s on alcohol.

  2. i’m homer simpson. $15,000. man. i coulda paid off a student loan with that shizz.

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