Tailor, Not The Right Fit

October 29, 2007


On Friday night, the ladies and I made dinner reservations at Tailor, the new dessert-focused restaurant in SoHo. I was pretty excited about this culinary adventure—Sam Mason’s food is supposed to be daring and delicious. But I have to say, I was disappointed. I think RestaurantGirl said is best, “With any restaurant, there are dishes that hit and some that miss. But here, with only six sweet and six salty options to choose, the odds are not in your favor.” It’s the truth: there are only 12 SMALL plates to choose from, and the tasting menu costs $30 for 3 savory plates and $50 for a choice of any 3. You end up shelling out mucho $ for a meal, and you’re still hungry at the end of it. I do have a few positives: the pork belly dish was out-of-this-world. I now understand all chef’s fascination with this ingredient. It’s warm, and comforting, and the miso butterscotch makes the dish sweet and savory at the same time. Plus, the char covered in some sort of passion fruit sauce made my mouth water with goodness. We also got the duck which was a solid B+ dish, and the foie gras with peanut butter that just sorta tasted like muddled mush. On to the sweet: here’s where I ran for the hills. I took one bite of both the soft chocolate with sesame ice cream and the rum-braised banana with mustard ice cream. Maybe I’m just not that adventurous, but I didn’t like either of these “sweets.” A few of my dinner-friends enjoyed the whole meal, so I’m not saying this restaurant is bad. In fact, it’s quite good at times, and the space is huge and swanky and makes you feel like you’re having a grand dining experience. Sidenote: I loved that the waiters wore suit-like outfits with faux-stitching along the seams. But I think, just not my cup of tea. Nor my cup of “Crumble,” the odd cocktail with clove, pear cider, and brown butter rum that my dinner-mates adored, and I could barely sip. I guess I’m not as adventurous as I’d like to be.

See what the pros had to say about it.


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